SimWardrobe dreams of Star Wars Galaxies

SimWardrobe sits at his computer checking out the Star Wars Galaxies home page.

SimWardrobe: "Hmmm... I could be a force sensitive chef. I could use the force to separate egg whites. Cool."

With visions of Star Wars Galaxies fresh in his mind, SimWardrobe settles into bed.

SimWardrobe: "zzz... use the force... zzz"

*dream sequence music plays*

SimWardrobe: "Hey, I'm a Jedi Knight! And I have my own X-Wing! Cool!"

SimWardrobe: "Hmmm... there is just one thing missing..."

SimWardrobe: "heh heh... cool."

Kiri: "What am I doing here? Hey! What the hell am I wearing?!?!"

SimWardrobe: "The gold bikini from Return of the Jedi."

Kiri: "Oh my God! You are such a pervert!"

SimWardrobe: "Now you can be my slave girl."

Kiri: "I would rather kiss a wookie!"

SimWardrobe: "Whoa, a wookie!"

Wookie: "NAAAAARN!"

Kiri: "Damn."

Kiri: "Hey! No! BAD WOOKIE!!!"

SimWardrobe: "Well you said..."

Kiri: "Alright, fine, I'll be your slave girl."

SimWardrobe: "Woo Hoo!!!"

The sullen wookie wonders off still looking for love.

SimWardrobe: "I have some shackles back at my place. I bought them from a Jawa."

Kiri: "Oh, God..."

Deep Voice: "You will surrender the woman to me."

SimWardrobe: "Who said that?"

SimWardrobe: "Ack! Darth Vader!"

Kiri: "I don't do threesomes."

Darth Vader: "This woman is wanted by the Empire for aiding the Rebellion."

SimWardrobe: "Well, if you have a valid imperial warrant..."

Kiri: "What?!?! Don't let him take me you idiot!"

SimWardrobe: "Um... ok... I won't let you have her."

Darth Vader: "I will take her by force in necessary."

SimWardrobe: "You and what army?"

SimWardrobe: "Um... uh... I just remembered that I left my light sabre in my other pants."

Kiri: "Come back here you wuss!"

Darth Vader: "After Him!"

SimWardrobe: "I will just hide in this thing."

The orgasmatron hums and whirs.

SimWardrobe: "mmmmm... oh yeah... OH YEAH!!!"

SimWardrobe: "Darn, you found me."

Kiri: "You were moaning loud enough to wake the dead!"

SimWardrobe: "Doh!"

Kiri: "Hey Darth... let's see this supposed imperial warrant you have for me."

Darth Vader: "Uh... I don't actually have a warrant."

SimWardrobe: "Then what do you want with her?"

Darth Vader: "I just wanted to keep you two apart. You are too good for her."

Kiri: "What?!?! If you weren't wearing body armour I'd kick you right in the nads!"

SimWardrobe: "Uh... Darth... why do you care?"

Darth Vader: "Because SimWardrobe... I am your father."


SimWardrobe wakes up in a cold sweat.

SimWardrobe: "What a terrible dream! Though Kiri did look pretty good in that gold bikini from Return of the Jedi. Maybe I should see if I can buy one online..."

Meanwhile back in dreamland...

Ricky: "Heh heh, that was fun!"

Brian: "This costume smells. Next time YOU be the wookie!"