Kiri's Revenge

Kiri invites SimWardrobe over to view some nifty new porn.
SimWardrobe: "So, where are you keeping the porn?"

Kiri: "It's back there in the... storeroom. The light is burnt out in there."

SimWardrobe wanders into the darkened room. He hears the sound of a metal door slamming closed as the lights come on.

SimWardrobe: "Hey, there isn't any porn in here!"

Kiri: "BWA HA HA HA!"

SimWardrobe: "What's gotten into you?"

Kiri: You've made me look like a fool in your stories and now I am going to get my revenge!"

SimWardrobe: "Um... no I haven't"

Kiri: "You made me dress in that skimpy slave girl outfit."

SimWardrobe: "You looked good in that."

Kiri: "You made me crash into Ricky's bedroom."

SimWardrobe: "It's not my fault you can't drive."

Kiri: "You fed me to a T-Rex!"

SimWardrobe: "Heh heh, that was pretty funny."

Kiri: "I'll deal with you later. It's time for my favorite show, Crazy Man with a Hammer."

SimWardrobe: "Uh-oh."



Kiri watches Crazy Man with a Hammer...

Kiri: "Tee hee, he's got a hammer."

SimWardrobe looks around his cell trying to find a way to escape.

SimWardrobe: "Hmm... that toilet gives me an idea. It's a good thing I carry T-Mog in my pocket."

Kiri finishes watching Crazy Man with a Hammer.

Kiri: "Hey! What are you doing?!?!"

SimWardrobe: "Hacking the toilet."

Kiri: "Stop! Don't do that!"

SimWardrobe: "Too late! I converted the toilet into the Power Commode 5000.

Kiri: "Ack!!!"

SimWardrobe hops onto the Power Commode 5000 and smashes through the cell door.

Kiri: "Hey! Come back here!"

SimWardrobe: "See ya!"

Kiri hops into her silver Audi and gives chase.

SimWardrobe: "Darn, she is gaining on me. Time to activate the Mega Flush!"
SimWardrobe: "Take that!"


Kiri's car spins out of control.


Kiri: "Ack! My eyes!"

Ricky: "Dammit Kiri, stop crashing into my house!